Simply you can let us do all the hard works and you sit back and watch sales coming in!

We will create various marketing campaigns online, monitor their performance and manage them by making changes and updates on a regular basis, considering past performance and upcoming seasonal sales.

We won’t charge your for our services instead you only pay commissions per sales generated through our campaigns. You may also required to pay one time setup cost depending on the status of your online store.

This is how Pay Per Sale Marketing works…

1. Budgeting

You as a business owner decides how much you are willing to spend on marketing per day. Minimum it can be £10/day or £25/day or £100/day or even more, it’s entirely up to you.

When you spend £10/day the commission rate will be 10%, if the budget is raised between £25 – £100 per day, we reduce the commission rate to 5% and for budgets over £100/day, commission rate will be only 3%.

2. Sign Ups & Optimisation

At this stage we will create Google Adwords, Analytics, Merchant center accounts for the project (if not available already) & will conduct some testing on your e-commerce store to fully understand how it works.

As part of our optimisation we will integrate google analytics & Adwords tracking codes in to your online store and set up automated & scheduled Google shopping feed generation from your catalog.

Depending your product type & your budget, we may also promote your products on Social Media and other advertising platforms.

3. Campaigns Creation

once your online store is ready, we will create keywords based Google search campaigns as well as Google shopping campaigns and get them all activated under one dedicated Google Adwords account.

We will not charge you directly for any Adwords cost or marketing services instead we link your business account to Google Adwords for the payments of marketing cost, this way you know exactly how much we have spent on marketing & you will receive invoices directly from Google.

4. Reporting & Commissions

Once every 2 weeks or every month we will prepare a summary of marketing campaigns consisting total value of all your online sales, total value of sales generated by our marketing campaigns (this will be taken from Google Analytic’s assisted conversion report) & total cost for the marketing. Based on total value of assisted conversion (Gross total) & agreed commission rate, we will calculate the commission payable and invoice you. The commission should be paid within in a week.

How much Profit can you expect through our PPS Marketing?

Well, this depends on various factors such as number of products you have in stock for sale, your profit margins, product type or average price of your products as well as the duration of the campaigns. For any marketing activity first few weeks will be a testing period and by time we can get a solid place. Similarly after a month or two we can expect between 850% to 1000% worth of orders based on your budget. In other words if you spend £300 a month, you can expect around £3,000 worth of orders!

If you have any more questions, please contact us.